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heyy u , i already told u kann ??
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 4:01 AM | 0 speak(s)

hello blogger :]

I've a story for u :)

mm , I've a friends . as we know he has a gf . but he really obsess with his gf . urrrggghhh ! he is a clever boy , yess ! but for me he is STUPID ! bcause he never want to care about his study , he just care about his gf , gf & gf ! *WTH* heyyy . as u know my friend , I HATE UR GF ! because of her u'll be like this ! DAMN IT ! i'm not jelous but its reality ! yess ! i agree with u teacher ! his gf is a SELLFISH ! yeahh ! its true ! *tukar channel* heyy u girl , agak2 laa bhaa ahh . ko control kwn sy ? heyy ! ko tuh pempuan , sdar laa ckit ! kau tdk kcian ka dgn tu lelaki ? dia sanggup bt apa saja demi kau bhaa . deii ! heyy dude , come on laaa . sedar diri ko ! kcian kwn sy bhaaa ! dia sedar jgk sejak dia dgn ko hdup dia serba tdk menentu . maw taw knp ? HAHA ! sbb kau laa . nsb dia sygg ko , klu tdk , sda kau kna buang . *plassshh* *tukar channel* i know u're a clever girl , and i'm not . but , u know why he close with me ? this the answer : i always help him when in trouble , i always makes him happy even i dont know what the matters but i know it just because of YOU GIRL ! not only me do this for him , the other friends in the class also do this ! u know why we do this ? because WE LOVE HIM ! he's part of our family ! nobody can hurt him includding YOU SELLFISH GIRL ! LOL !

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