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ahahahaha wednesday & thursday are killing me ! even its just a paper :/
Thursday, May 19, 2011 | 1:41 AM | 0 speak(s)

wednesday :)

early in the morning, i'm feel very tired & lazy :/ very lazy, because the paper did not finish :/ hate it very much. okaaay start with assembly :)) waaahhhh same with the other day, sing the same song :/ lol! m, then after finish assembly, we went back to the class. suddenly, had a fight between form6 & form 5 :D

the dialog was like this :

form 5 prefect : kenapa form6 tidak ikut barisan?
form 6 : org mau exam bha.
form 5 prefect : aik? tggu la bhaa.
form 6 : lmbt.
form 5 prefect : begini ka form 6??!!
form 6 : begini ka form 5??!!

* conclusion is, we support the form 6 student. because we had exam now, but they still slowy check us, and that will waste our time :/

in the claaaasss :) start with mathematics paper2 then paper 1 & then engineering studies :D lol! its killing. for the first time i'm blur when answer math paper :/ -.- yeah then I hate it :/ okaaayyyyy hoipe i will pass :) amen.

the next day..

ohh thrusday! today! i'm really hate it :D hell -.- okaaaay fine, just be relaks :) calm down! u know what! its was ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS paper! omg! okaaaay just be relak.
i thought that i can sleep today in the class. but NO! because the teacher say : sepa tidur time addmath, cgu srh dia bt helikoppter. :D lol! okaaayy just tahan. yeaahh even i'm so sleepy :D lol! okaaaaaayyyyy .

td p dating, then c mirsya pun ikut :D ahahaha mau tgk kami knun. lol! so funny :) btw, comel dia hari ne :) kiut ne. lawak lg :D miss him. okaaayyy laaa. naik bas pulang lg -.- but TIADA BAS! hell =.= mana bas TELIPOK ne? aduii! 1jam setgh tggu d bas stop. then pulg with my cuzzan lg :D

okaaaaay thats all. i had another story :)

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