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the day when I laugh all the time :D
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | 2:44 AM | 0 speak(s)

hello blogger :D

gaaaaah 1 week without camera. just mirsya camera around here -.- hahaha nvrmnd. I will copy from her :) the picture remind me too many memories <3 ohhh guess what? I miss them so much! really. I do love them very much muaaahh x)

hmmp start with my family :) hee. my mom is a very understanding mom! thats why I love her so much. she's knows everthing about me. yes, she is :) btw, today she gone to sandakan until this sunday. argggghh gonna miss her. so while she not around, I cant do anything that will hurt me. because, I dont have any place to cry -.- mom, take care there. my grandma! she hugs me. love u nenek <3

and turn to my friends !
gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh today we done our Autocad then meeting & guess what any else.? we have done our first practical! Slump Test! wow! im happy because Ive done it with my friends! mirsya, bella, leles, chacha, dot, tar .oh my God. Im soo happy <3 btw, after this I will upload the picture because its still fresh in mirsya's camera <3 muaaaaaaaaaah x)

imma off here. got too many things to do.

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