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when I enjoy my weekend ;)
Sunday, October 23, 2011 | 8:15 AM | 0 speak(s)

Hello Blogger :)

Here I wanna write more longer than before. Haha maybe. Wow, Ive enjoy my weekend with my friends & family, jyeaah Im lovin' it :3

About my #saturday ;)
: I woke up early and reach my phone, look at the clock, its still early, 4.00!then check for the wifi, and im happy bcause it still on. thanks aunty :3 muah x) then, I fall asleep again around 6.30am. Sleep sleep and sleep. And I woke up around 8am wow! And Im still sleepy, gah. I go to take my bath then dry the clothes & wash clothes. After that I charging my phone then watching tv :) weeee :D while watching then my aunty come and sit with and watch tv. Then she ask me when I want to go back to my home. Then after discuss, she sent me & jojo this morning ;) before that, we take our breakfast @ berungis cafe ;) then after breakfast, my aunty sent us. Whoaaaah Im so happy. But badnews, no wifi at home, so cant online ok im feel bored too much.but nvrmnd, I do my chemistry revision, (goodgirl) then around 2 pm, I follow my mom to picked my brother, Arthur at tuaran. After that, we went back home. Then at night, my mom spent us at KFC for our dinner x) thanks mom. And then reached home, direct sleep. Waaahhh Ive enjoy my day ;)

About my #sunday :3
: argh woke up around 6.30 am wow.then my phone, eh 1message? From who? What? Mike? Argh what he want again! When I check, he sent 'Hai:)' arghh lols! Nvrmnd about that, dont think too much. After that I go downstair and charging my phone then I take my bath. Get ready go to chruch ;) andd my mom sent us there. I wait for Dexter, but there hve Joshua.he also wait for Dexter.suddenly I saw Mark@Dot come. Hahaha wow, then we stand together, 3 of us, me, joshua & dot x) after that Dexter came. Finally. Hahaha. Before that, I wanna share something, I saw a men, he looks like 'org putih' omg, he's very handsome but unfortunately he's nerdy. But nvrmnd.andddd guess what today, all my ex-bf are around there. Dot,del,arn2&jr.omg wakakakaka. Forget abt it, then aftr chruch we went to mei shiang to take our brkfst&lunch gahhh hahaha. At mei shiang, I saw my mom,aunt,sis&uncle. Anddd i meet aeden, ah yi miss you already ;) gaah he become bigger now, omg. Im lovin' it. And they were went back,and I still there waiting for my food. Aftr eat, we're separate. Norman & Joshua were go to class at chruchh. Left me & dexter. We stay at JC cafe. Haha we talk a lot the laugh. Anddd norman&mackyle is coming and me went picked me. hahaha ive enjoy my half day with my friends ;3 at home, I fall asleep and woke up around 2.30 pm.and I get ready go to grave at pertanian,marabahai with my mom,sister,bro & jojo! There we were enjoy clean the place and aftr that, we went to tuaran to buy Milky Tea ;D and then home, rest for a while then take my bath. And now dinner, gah. So now Im packing all my things because my mom will sent me to my aunty house.

Ohhh thanks God for give me happiness in my weekend ;) i appreciate it :D Im very enjoy :D no stress. And guess what, I cant wait to finish my exam hahaha. Okay Imma off to iron my clothes :) night blogger :3
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