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Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 1:14 AM | 0 speak(s)

HAHAHA ! if mumy know about this mmg mampus la ni, haiyah. too many things I've done on my weekend. k, now I will tell here for you to know :3

: Imma get ready because mum's ocho will fetch me at home. omg! Im look very goodgirl, same goes to ocho. we went to attended a wedding at mengkabong and I even know whose get married. hahaha after that, we went to 1b, yeaaaah! I thought it will be fun but! I waited for ocho, 3and half hours in the 1b! nobody accompany me there, too bored. but at last, I went to brought Oreo McFlurry :D too hungry, yeah -.- then buy, honeydew for ocho, I know she's hungry. hahaha poor u cuzzy :) almost forget, the saloon name, Patrick Saloon. after finish all, we went to take our dinner then went to Guardian to buy Guava! *I WANNA BUY IT, IM CRAVING OF IT* okaaaaay done, dad pick us then hooooooooome :3

SS-ing in the saloon :3

: Wake up early than before, get ready go to chruch. haha semangat ni because bigbos blg mau join together but! haiyah no, he's late. nevermind. after finish chruch, we went to kedai Arthur to eat our breakfast+lunch haha! Guess what, this is the first we eat together! OMG! so surprise. I love my day. hee. after eat, we went to JC actually but he dont want --' ok, went to medan, I hate that place, but what else I can do, just folllow. 12 in the afternoon, Dady picked me. okaaaaaaay now hoooooooooome :3

p/s : in my mind, am I should to leave or stay. God, too many thing to think -.- k, fine. im still young girl, muaaaaaah x

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