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Always, Forever.. Until the end.
Saturday, March 17, 2012 | 8:26 PM | 2 speak(s)

"Always, Forever.. Until the end." -maybe everybody will ask, whats the meaning of this topic and why I choose the as my topic. yeah, lets we start. maybe Im too young to think about this, but everybody will say that I will enter the time coming soon.

See the picture above. Its all about love. See the men is real men, love last forver. But now, in my age, maybe it just couple. Love give me hope, and 'he' give me hope. When you start give me hope, please don't broke my hope towards you. When I start loving you, its mean, I trust you 100%, I can accept you whatever you are, I know that u're not cheating. And same goes to me, I hope you will do the same.. Unfortunately, you're not. You never trust me even 1%, but I trust you 100%, its looks like not fair at all. But its all up to you. And, you always think that Im cheating on you, but never. You never know that Im waiting for you to come back here and meet you up. You're miles away from me, people says "love long distance" and even Im busy with my study but I always think of you, I wonder what u doing there? I wonder do you miss me or not. Everyday I miss you, I think you never know about this. But, now I end this, because the reason is there's no 'Trust" in us. Even I have you dont have. So, I think this is the way, we move on with different life now. I so sorry if broke this 9month and I hope you'll realize why I end this. Because everything happend has a reasons. Thanks for being part of me. Thanks for being the reason why I smile everyday. Thankyou so much, take care :'(

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Hello to myself hello to myself
Will you comfort me, saying don’t cry?
Someday Im gonna travel the world
Thankful & Appreciate♥

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