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LIfe meaning.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 8:46 PM | 0 speak(s)

Blogger. Its had been a long didn't update it. My last post was on December 2011. Oh, there's so many things that I've done on this 3 month and now almost April. Wow and last night I got an infomation that, SPM is on 5November. Whoah, its near now. And now, 1st thing is, Im gonna focus on my "pengguna" and after that, my "bola baling". k then last, my mid term exam. scary right? Oh no, just need more harworking then Im done. Fuh, its only left 235days to SPM. k kak, goodluck then.

see the picture. "When I text you, its means I miss you."-"When I don't text you, its means I'm waiting for you to miss me". I love the sentences. Yesterday was my 9monthsary. And last night, we fight again and again. There's no trust. Its not fair for me if I trust him 100% and him trust me for 0%. Well, everyone says "Trust is key in relationship" but us? There's nothing. This what happend if there's no trust. Its just making the situation more worst than before. And now, Im no need to talk more because it same if he never trust. Ok, so its look like no used if we together. We just wasting our time.. Ok, I dont know what Im gonna do now. Im just wait & see without find him eventhough now I miss him so much :(

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Hello to myself hello to myself
Will you comfort me, saying don’t cry?
Someday Im gonna travel the world
Thankful & Appreciate♥

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