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When the day I turn 17teen.
Monday, June 4, 2012 | 12:59 AM | 0 speak(s)

Heyyo its had been a long time I didn't upadate my own blog. and now, Im gonna share something that had made my day.

2 June in a year was a very biggest day in my life because that day was the day I born on this beautiful world. oh thanks Mommy.

4days after born.

1year sdh kali ni lol.

1 year birthday party :3

only this I can find, the other? myb in another album.. So, I skip to 15teen year's bday :)

Sweet 16teen birthday :)

Sweet 17teen birthday :)

with Mom, Dad, brothers & sister :)

with my relatives, mom side.

relatives, dad sides :)

gambar paling mahal :)

with ze kids :)

so kicil la me d sna hahaha, thanks guys for coming.

this one, thaaaaaaaaaaaanks to all my pretty aunty :) 

p.s : I dont want to write, just describe the day with this photo. Im just having fun, huh :) thanks for those who came to my bday party, thanks a lot. may God bless you & family, amen. xx

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