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Berbuka Puasa.
Saturday, July 28, 2012 | 11:17 AM | 0 speak(s)

Hello. First, I wanna say thanks to my mumy because she gives me greenlight goin' to buka puasa with my friends. I love youu mumy. 
And actually I dont know what I want to write, haha so you as the readers just describe our day with picture :D
Its had been a long time already I didnt joined them outing. and I really miss it. and today I can joined them, thanks God & thanks Mumy :)

For me my friends is part of my life..

Of course me, lama sdh x gambar2 :)

all my boyfie :)

Actually, his face looks same with my cousin.. maybe bcohs of that Im close to him..

hehe jarang2 ni aimie join..

with the singer lol singer la sangaaaat kan peh.. hehe

with c rafiq, first time outing sm dia.. c cina blg c norms :D

hahahaha ayuuuunya kau tems.. the joker :D

hahaha padil, lol.

emir :) comel kau sini emir..

with wawan..

with feiraaaaaaah :)

ze girls :)

ze boyfie :)

kereta yang banyak jasa :D xx

mizie & norms. and love both of them..

soooo nice. love both of them.. dot & mye..

with abang mye, abang la sangaaaaaaat. semboii bh ni..

with mizie, bestfriend ever after.. 

my childhood friend until today..

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last hehehehe.

me as the last picture as the ending of the story lol. 

p.s : they are part of me. only them understand me. thanks a lot friends. you'll had made my day.. guess what, Im reached home at 11pm, and this is first time.. thanks mumy for give me greenlight outing with them.. k time to sleep later Im gonna back to hostel gaaaaaaah :3 

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