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Syoknya Raya!
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 6:03 PM | 0 speak(s)

Hi hi hi :)
Happy Eid Mubarak! :)

Wow! I think that Im just stay for a while at home. Cohs, since First Raya until Third Raya, Im just going to my cousins, relatives, previous teachers & friends house. hahahaha and, surprise! I still get Duit Raya :) And since raya, Im just eat Soto & Laksa but rendang, curry and else, I haven't eat hahaha. Diet myb, just myb hahaha :D so I dont want to write more. just describes it by photo.

1st day Raya.
(Pak bahar - Uncle Nanak - Kak Jobeth - Mama dungun)

Red kurung :)

with my cucu. (apa? pangkat grandma sdh?) hahaha

with our driver of the day :) Koko :3

Firework from Mizan :) thankyouuuu I miss youuu :/ x

Thats all for first day raya. Not too many picture hahaha.

Second daya Raya.
(Faizzul - Farahanna - Mama Fatma)

At Faizzul's hse :)

At Farahanna's hse.

kereta paling berjasa :)

Third day Raya.
(Cg Siti - Cg Roslinah - Cg Suhaida)

Im sooooo like this photo! at Cg Siti cribs.

The Guys.

The Girls.

with Cg Florence :)

At Cg Roslinah cribs.

On the way. So kesian c Faris.

with Joshua (cousins)

Kereta berjasa setgh hari je :) hehe.

P.s : thats all. actually today we gonna continue, but I am so tired too much. so myb Im not joining them, so sorry. they are very nice. so this friday, turn joining my litechs's friends :) x 

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