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When I called it, my Family :3
Friday, August 17, 2012 | 1:21 AM | 0 speak(s)

Hi readers! Now its my turn to write about my story :)
And, I wanna write about my third family, and here we are :3

and see, the smile, the laugh, the actions of us. we're actually 23, but Hadwan left us early, he moves to Johor in early of April. And left, 22 of us. Thankyou to Teacher Dawn because cares for us :)

So, next? I start with this.

guess. who's this? of course lah our Class teacher. Teacher Dawn A. Lalis.
(sorry teacher because take this picture, paparaziii)

and continued with, 

and this my ayah! our class monitor,
Noel Joseph.


yea, of course me. I'm as the aasistant class monitor :)
Athena B. Lawrance.

and let me introduce them :

Left : Janethy (echa), Siti Khalesa (Khely), Md. Fazali (jali), Eqbal, Azyan (Azy), Beanty.

Left : Marcellino (achai), Willard, Md. Syafik Izzat (Ejat)

Left : Suimie Ann, Azyan.

haha this is Andrianus.

this guy popular with HeadBox. but actually his name is Alstinus.

the 3K. (ellrone called them this)

the actions :3

me and eqbal. guess, he called me auntyy :3

the clever girl, Rashidah Hadisah.

hahaha guess who's this, this is Aimie :)

back  : Md Amirul (abg), Ellrone, Fazali & Datu :3

and this actions from Ejat & Eqbal :3

and this girl, she's the right place. she's always there when Im down. Thanks Midaiii :)

This! my ayah/comfort/abg gulab :) he's the one who cares about me. Thanks Noel :)

P.s : Life is like a chess. Everything problems that happend, there are many ways to solve it. But the different  is in chess game, there have checkmate but in life there's no checkmate if u never give up. Always think & move on carefully. Dont be rush in life, because we cant get anything.

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Hello to myself hello to myself
Will you comfort me, saying don’t cry?
Someday Im gonna travel the world
Thankful & Appreciate♥

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