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Saturday, April 13, 2013 | 3:58 PM | 0 speak(s)

...PMR results was in my hand. my mom & aunty ask me want to move to Teknik school or not. I'm so confused then, Im keeping asking to myself that I want to move or stay. They said, abg also move there. Ok, until 28. December. 2010, my aunty ottoe bring me to SM Teknik, Likas utk memohon, and pemohonan sy diterima hahaha. So, my mom help me to prepared all the document until the register day :)

Goodbye 2010.
Hello 2011 :)

If Im not mistake, 2011 start schl on 3 January. So, I went to SM St John, Tuaran for take my surat lepas, discipline report, etc.. but, suddenly went my mom fetch me, I was crying because I was confused if I had to move or stay. So, my mom said "all up to you kak" ok, lastly, I planned to move. So, on 6 January 2011, my aunty was sent me to SM Teknik, Likas for registeration. I was registered there alone, nobody accompany me, no one I know there. I was so scared at first. Really!! My aunty only accompany me in front of the bilik guru, and suddenly I heard a lot of noisy. And when I look behind, oh my God, "So many guys la in this school, weird-.-" because before at st john, girls many than boys. Ok, then my aunt bring me to the canteen and wait there, so lucky! I saw daddy & didik at the canteen, so they accompany me :) thankyouuu. Ok, the registeration start at 8:30am.. And, I take my number and waiting in the Dewan Nilam Sari. I'd registered with Cg Matlan, he was our class teacher. After registered, daddy sent me to home. Thankyou daddy didik. Then I called aunty ottoe that Im home :) Everything was done. Im a student of SM Teknik, Likas. hahahahaha Im still cant believe but Ive to believe then.. Opps, I almost forgot, the course that I take there is Civil Engineering Studies :)!! The subject were BM, BI, SEJ, PM, MATH, CHEMIST, PHYSICS, ADD.MATH, CIVIL, ENG. DRWING. thats all. hard subject for me!!!

Start with class, our class teacher was Cg Matlan, but suddenly changed. Cg Masita take over our class. Introduce time, okay Im felt so funny, okaaaay because I laugh main suka hati okay, paling weird la drg bilang. mula2, pakai baju uniform biasa, tiba2, nah ambil kau baju koprat seluar slek. atuiii paling la kan, dulu cakap mcm pekerja DBKK, cuci tandas la apapa la kan. Ok, first pindah sana langsung tiada satu pun sy kenal ok!! btw, banyaaaaak kawan baru :) nice to know them. Opps lupa, kelas kmi d Blok Budi, tingkat paling atas dan paling hujung. Sengsara la. Then makmal pn jauh dr kelas, tp at last kmi pn dpt biasakan diri. Okaaaaaay :)

But then so far okay la. but so shocked bcos, tda ujian ba ni schl. direct midterm, then ujian, last, excel hahahaha. Im so lazy to stdy, still in mood enjoy with my friends.when the results out, my God. 4subject FAILED!! HAHA in my mind, ok next year dont ever dream to be an elite student. hahahaha. so start our holiday.

Goodbye 2011
Hello 2012.

Hello SPM!!

Okayyy back school time! Be a student for a year! My final year at SM Teknik, Likas. I was so happy. Okay back to school like usually, got perhimpunan every morning at Medan Bendera. Sing 3songs everyday and the same song, Negaraku, Sabah Tanah Airku & School song! And, start class at 7am until 2pm. So, I still remember this moment. It was on Friday! 6 January 2012, ckgu Jasman came into our class and announce who the lucky get into elite class, on the same time, it was Moral class, and teacher Dawn teached us. Ckgu Jasman announced the name one by one. suddenly! 'Athena Balina Lawrance' OMG! I thought I was dreaming on that time. I was shocked. Me? Elite class? So unbelieveable! Okay its okay. So I went home and tell my mom & aunty about this, they were happy enough! But in my mind, I was thinking, Im so scared if Im kicked out from that class. ITS REALLY EMBRASSING ME! so there, I dont have closed friend, only Ayah@Noel accompany me. And, I meet Midai! We were same. We dont like to stay in that class. Like seriously, we wanted to quit from elite. But Ckgu Jasman were not gave us permission. Okay so we stay there and stdy like usual, but its different! At first memang lah semua pun pemalu. maybe, and saya lah paling kuat ketawa. Dan sesetengah pelajar tidak biasa, because 3 class gabung student dia. haha. but at end, semua satu kepala :) we're happy family 5ELITE :)

Ketua & Penolong ketua kelas :)

Ragam 5 Elite

After discuss with Midai. Midai & Me go around the school just want to find Ckgu Sapitang. Bcos we want to stay hostel. So, we got the answer. We 'checked in' at the hostel end of January!! 1month no phone & homesick! :'( Sometimes at night I was crying alone. I miss my home, grandma, mom, dad, brothers & sister, aunty ottoe, uncle achai, koko, bb, gjoy & jojo! I miss them so much. That was first time I lived far away from family. But then, I can accepted the condition, I was happy there! Even sometimes, Ckgu S****H maki2 at bilik prep, teriak2, my God, stress a lot. But tahan seja selagi mampu. Okay about dorm? Q-12 its a nice dorm, but suddenly, its all about Fly, semua gaduh :'( okay, then semua tidak satu hati sudah. its hurt! really hurt. but at the end, everything was fine :) me & wmp friend like before. fogive each other :) Fly? Yes, pernah fly dari hostel. Go? KK, Teluk Likas & Waterfront. Hm, Im really enjoy! New experience in my life! Keluar ikut lubang pagar blkg aspuri, lalu parit, lari sampai empangan! then jalan macam biasa lah! First time fly, p sahur d waterfront! hahahahahaha kastam kejar, my God. Polis kejar, hahahah nakal betul! But all of this was new experience for me! So, saya tidak pernah rugi tinggal asrama! Puas sudah saya :D But, hostel has a lot of activity :) Fellowship, volley ball, basketball, handball, its was fun!! And Im enjoyed it! Every night eat 'maggie' with midai, yaya & najwa! coffee ice? milk ice? ada watercooler semua pun boleh buat! hahahahahahhaha new life in hostel :) Thanks for all hostel-ians for the memories :)

p.s : and yes, they are my family, we create the memories together without failed :)

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