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Goodbye June.
Friday, July 5, 2013 | 6:26 AM | 0 speak(s)

And yes, God has a plan for us. So, we just need to pray, wait & patient. Although its hurt to wait & patient, but God never leave us alone.

Start with, my 'June' was not better than other month. Early June was my birthday, but I can't feel my 'special day'. Its hurt me, and a whole day I'm crying. But, my smile cover it all. My 'birthday' had been replaced by 'Family Day'. Well, at first Im the one who suggest the date for organize the Family Day, I though it will be fun, because its held on my 'birthday'. But, its not. No one realise that the day was my birthday! :( When I got a called, I was so happy, then when I saw my friends from our gate, I was happy, I hugs them with tears in my eyes. Bcos, they make me remind my 'birthday'. Okay, I hope next year will be not like. I wont it repeat again :( its hurt me. Its my bad day ever!!! :'( but, at least, Ive a picture with my family! :) So, now I can accept it.

My June was end with tragedy! :( In the morning, I receive 'whatsapp' from my mom & inbox from Aunty kodeng. The contain was same. OMG! I was shocked that Ray was passed away. First thing that I though was his new born baby. Too early Ray u leave them. Then, his wife, Momong, she's the strongest wife/mother Ive seen in my life. She has to rise up two son. She still young, but I know God never leave her alone. And same goes to Ray, He will always there. God love him more than us. Rest in Peace Ray.. Amen.

Then, in the afternoon, when Koko on the way sent me to ADC, at the round-a-bout Salut near Kelapa Bakar, our had been hit by another car! my God, this is first time in my life! Luckly, the driver of the car that hit us from back admit that was his mistake. And, thanks God everything was fine but Koko's car was broke at the back. When I reached ADC, and waiting for Uncle Roger, guess what, the day was my QTI Test! But, everything was fine, and Im pass my QTI test. So, now Im wait for my JPJ Test.

As a conclusion, june was bad for me. bad luck :'( I hope July will be kind and more better. Im still hoping for IPTA. 

My mom & aunt always said "Kak sabar ja, kau pasti dpt yg terbaik. Tuhan ada jalan yang terbaik untuk kau, cuma kau perlu sabar ja?" Oh thanks mom & aunt!! :) I will do the best in my life. I will make both of u proud of me, not both of u but everyone that I can be best daughter/sister for them! :) 

'Well, ni Athena mah! :)'

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