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Perkhemahan XPDC Sekolah Menengah Peringkat Negeri Sabah, Kem Malangang, Kiulu Tuaran.
Thursday, April 26, 2012 | 9:45 PM | 0 speak(s)

13 April - 16 April 2012 : 4 days 3 nights Ive been there. learn many new things. even my dream was gone to KAT (LAHAD DATU) but I can't go there. So, Tcher Natalie has told me about this camp a week before KAT, and I know I can't follow the KAT, so I choose this camp because this camp also "peringkat negeri". Ive take the form, then filled it after that I find Cg Sapitang to sign the form as my "penjaga" well, now Im hostel-ian HAHA. then I pass up it to Tcher Natalie. Ive called my mom and tell about this, so she also gave me when there. thanks mom.

13 April 2012.
: on the first day, we arrived there around 3 o'clock in the evening, then we put our belongings at the side then we went to the "urusetia" to filled a form. after that we had "kawad", then got "taklimat" about everything. bla bla bla, then we do the camp at the camp side. Im soooo happy at this moment. Carol, Rita, Rosie(sandakan) and me was in the same camp. after that, we take a bath, moral session, dinner. then we go briefing also at night. theeeeeeeeeeeen goodnight!

14 April 2012
: goodmorning. early in the morning we got moral session while the muslim had ther solat. after that we had aerobik, kawad and breakfast! whoaaaaaaah too much fun, then we had activities such as flying fox & "merentasi halangan" hahahaha and my group got the flying fox, and for me this was the second time. so scared! my God, "gayat" hahahahahaha and the coach was smilling at me & laughing also, i think so because Im scared grrrrr ==' after that, we gonna ready for a formal majlis, because the secretary of ministry education of Singapore gonna came to this camp.. and guess what, Im be the emcee for english on that day. even my english is worst but congratulation to me because Ive done my job very well! and finally the majlis is done! goodjob everyone. then after that, we had our "minum petang" and then Im so sad because our truely programme was broke, in malay "rosak programme" heishhhh ==' and then we continued at night because its raining so we cant do any activities ==' at night we did the latihan kebudayaan hahaha whoah we had learn 13 dance in Malaysia only in 1 hour? good job. anddddd my group got "tarian singa" omg! nvm, we just trying the best as we can do! and Goodnight!

15 April 2012
: the day we wait so long! goodmorning. same like yesterday, we had aerobik, some kawad, and then breakfast after breakfast we continued our activities like "kayak & basikal" and our group got the kayak! whoah first time in my life! I enjoyed, thanks for the coach for teaching me to kayak, thankyou very much! after kayak, we continued to basikal!~ Oh my god this is so hot, really hot! see what happend to my hand after basikal :D

ok done basikal & kayak, now activity of pandu arah. the coach teach us how to read bearing by using a compass. after that, we start our activities. ohhhhh so sad, because we cant finish the activities because of the weather ==' so, we stay back to the hall and have a briefing then have a practice for our malam kebudayaan :) whoaaaaaaaah, then we take a bath. then have a moral session while the muslim had their solat. and after done, we had our dinner. and now, we had to perform our dance group by group :D so excited! and jeng jeng, guess what? our group is stand for no 3.

this is our group leader : Ritchie from SM St Martin, Sndakan :)

after finish this. we had our supper at the dewan makan :)

this mis my group. we are from different school.
after this, we went to sleep! :) goodnight!

16 April 2012
: our last day and I will miss all the moment we had create together here :( goodmorning, we had the last moral session, last aerobic together, last kawad together, last had our breakfast, and after that we had to put back the camp as usual :( 

ohhh this is so sad. after that, we had a formal closing ceremony :( and again, I'll be the emcee :) in my mind, if I be the emcee, so I cant be the best peserta perempua ==' but no! guess what I had? ME as the Peserta Terbaik Perempuan! oh my God, thanks God! and Peserta Terbaik Lelaki is stand for "Mohd Khairul Azwan" from "SMK Merpati, Sandakan" :)

me and the Peserta Terbaik Lelaki :)

my achievement :)

last shake hand :/

the moment of truth :3

with student from SMK KOTA MARUDU.


with student from SMK PITAS.

p.s : for Tcher Natalie, thankyou very much because giving me chance to followed this kind of camp. Im so enjoy every moment here :3 "Tak kenal maka tak cinta", "Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi" - Kem Malangang, Kiulu Tuaran :)

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